CRYPTON Home Fabrics With Randy Rubin

Last month, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Randy Rubin of CRYPTON  in the beautiful Thibaut Showroom while visiting  High Point Market.   We hit it off just like friends.  Randy is a business woman and co-founder of CRYPTON.   Randy shared how she met her husband Craig on a blind date, her friend set them up.  They married in just three months.   It was a match made in heaven.

Crypton Home Thibaut

Thibaut has the most amazing flower arrangements. A cheerful showroom full of colorful fabrics, wallpapers and furniture.

Although they didn’t know it at the time, it was also the beginning of a business partnership — Craig’s background in commercial fabric sales and Randy’s in branding and marketing.   Several of Craig’s customers were unsatisfied covering their upholstery with fabrics covered in vinyl or protecting their furniture with clear vinyl. Craig got the idea of creating a high performance fabric after walking passed a stack of disposable diapers in a drug store.  If a diaper could add protection from liquid going through, there had to be a way to make fabric do this.   They set out to create a fabric that could withstand the tough use of a hospitality environment from the basement of their Michigan home.

Randy Rubin and Craig Rubin via CRYPTON.COM

The mission to create a fabric that would be a total moisture barrier, highly stain resistant, microbial resistant, plus breathable, would revolutionize the textile industry.   Motivated by passion, the fabric would change the way we live our lives.  Craig and Randy received their first patent in 1995.

Crypton Home Thibaut 2

Kids, muddy paws, and soda messes are no match for CRYPTON Home fabrics.

In 2013, CRYPTON Home was introduced for the residential market.  The product meets all the same durability, stain and microbial standards in the CRYPTON brand.  Now made more beautiful for the residential market. The fabrics stand up to life’s messes and feel good to the touch.  I got a first look of the CRYPTON Home fabrics at the Thibaut Showroom.

Crypton Home Thibaut 4

Relax on a beautiful chair with Thibaut and CRYPTON Home. Now you can have exceptional protection from stains, odors, and mildew.


Crypton Home

Thibaut introduces Kaleidoscope : A collection of CRYPTON Home Fabrics for residential interiors that combines performance attributes with sumptuous color and a soft feel.

 Watch CRYPTON Home Fabric in action:HERE

Amazing! CRYPTON Home fabrics are easy to clean.  Most liquids will simply blot off the surface with a dry towel.  For more difficult stains, use soap — such as Tide or Dawn– and water.  Rise well, as soap residue attracts dirt.  If you are a mom, have a dog, and love hosting at home, CRYPTON Home fabrics are heaven sent.  We have high performance fabrics for our athletic clothing.  Now our homes can also benefit from high performance home fabrics in style.

Thank you Randy and Thibaut for your generous time during High Point Market.  It was wonderful to meet you all.  I look forward to incorporating CRYPTON Home fabrics in my projects and sharing my excitement.

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