Top 50 Successful Self-Made Women

Happy Power Monday!  Who are the richest self-made women? Guess no more. Forbes recently announced the nation’s top 50 self-made women, measured by their worth.  The exclusive list includes CEOs, designers, authors, entrepreneurs, and entertainers.   Topping the list is Elizabeth Holmes, the world’s youngest female billionaire. Holmes dropped out of Stanford University to start a blood testing firm Theranos in 2003. The list also includes familiar names:  #5 Oprah Winfrey, #31 Diane von Furstenberg , #17 Tory Burch , #49 Judy Sheindlin , better know as Judge Judy.

womenAt #33 Kathy Ireland, is former fashion super model.  Licensing her name to thousands of products, from candles to windows. She sells more product than Martha Stewart.  Listening to her soft voice on the Today Show, I took note.  Here are some of Ireland’s  tips to success.

People give up too quickly. HAVE A PASSION FOR YOUR WORK.  Don’t make the same mistake twice. Set values, conviction, boundaries.  Under promise, over deliver.  Find a great mentor.

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