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The holidays are a busy time.  Designing the perfect tablescape can seem a bit overwhelming, leading online shelter magazine Lonny has developed a few simple ways to work with the materials and space you already have to create a show-stopping dinner table this season that will leave a lasting impression.

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Follow these ten simple steps to create amazing tablescapes and leave your guests in awe:

1.     Consider a Color Theme: Choose your color theme carefully, remembering that sometimes a burst of color carefully arranged on a neutral background is all you need to create a compelling tablescape.
2.     Use Local Materials: Combine mementos and local materials in order to personalize and create your very own, unique and distinct tablescape.
3.     Mix Styles and Patterns: You’ll create a powerful style statement by combining bold patterns and prints. This technique is fun and you’ll love the results.
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4.     Try One Standout Piece: Build a tablescape around a single standout piece. Remember it’s essential to give show-stopping items room to breathe.
5.     Less is More: Sometimes the saying is true, less really is more. Try going for a more subdued display, arrange smaller, subtle pieces on a neutral tabletop.
6.     Throw an Unexpected Twist: Arrange neutral-tone items on a boldly patterned tray to create a surprising twist. This will give off a fun, yet classy look.
7.     Or, Stick to a Theme: Try arranging collections of like items together for maximal impact.
8.     Or, Really Stick to a Theme: There’s strength in numbers. As Andy Warhol proved, almost anything arranged in a grouping of more than six can produce a strong design impression.
9.     Consider its Functionality: Trays, baskets and bins supply easy, functional anchors for tablescapes. Plus, they help you stay organized in the process.
10.  Mix Materials: Combining patterns and materials will create an eclectic setting. When stacking books, place a standout volume on top.
See more entertaining ideas in Lonny’s November 2012 Entertaining Issue.

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