Spindle Chair

Over 15 years ago, I purchased a spindle chair at auction.  I took it home and reupholstered it in a blue and white Waverly fabric.  I loved it, but my husband didn’t.  He wanted a  leather recliner.  A few years later, my darling husband asked that I sell it and get something more modern.  At the time, we were living in a charming guest, stone cottage at the Abbott and Guggenheim Estate in Warwick, NY.  Was he kidding me….  It just didn’t fit with the decor.  I sold my chair, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy a recliner.  I told him we are too young to purchase a recliner.   Instead, I bought a wing chair and a footrest.  Today, I still think about my spindle chair.  It had brass wheels on the feet, horse hair in the upholstery seats and worn arms.  The previous owner must have enjoyed it.   I would like to find another spindle chair.   It’s hard to replace an antique with a new piece of furniture.  The classic spindle chair is back with a contemporary twist.

 White Spindle chair with contemporary fabric.

via Designers Attic

  A classic spindle chair was reupholstered in a zippy zebra fabric.

Stratford Arm Chair from Formations is a bobbin-style spindle chair.

Pottery barn has added a spindle chair to their collection. 


  I’ll keep looking, I’m sure there is one waiting for me.


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