Six Pieces Every Bedroom Needs and Two Things It Doesn’t

If there is one thing we all need more of this year is sleep.   Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems and is a public safety issue. I personally have never had a problem with sleep.  In fact, I take my sleep seriously and so should you.  Making small changes in the bedroom is a great start.  It has been suggested that the bedroom should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.  Besides the obvious bed, nightstand, pillows and sheets, there are 6  pieces every bedroom needs to bring calm and balance.


  1.  A comfortable mattress is key.
  2. Layer windows with shades and curtains.  Consider lining your curtains for your lifestyle (blackout liners and thermal liners).bedroom-essentials
  3. Reduce noise and keep floors warm in the bedroom with area rugs.
  4.  Use task lighting and overhead lighting.daughters-bedroom
  5. Select art that is calming.
  6. Create balance and comfort with a upholstered chair in the bedroom.
  7. Leave the TV in the family room in order to quiet the mind before going to bed.
  8. Return laptops and phones to office area.  The bedroom is for sleeping.

Consider using these six pieces every bedroom needs and two things it doesn’t for your next bedroom update. I am sure it will bring calm and balance for a restful sleep.


Image Credit:  Ivelisse de Leon, Kathy Kincade /House Beautiful

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