High Point Furniture Market: David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes

Today, I am sharing two furniture collections from High Point Spring Market I enjoyed.  The designers are both on the A List of talented designers.  They have both designed rooms at Kips Bay Showhouse.  David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes designs at Kips Bay were spectacular.  Now they have individual collections to make a home beautiful.

David Phoenix for Hickory Chair

“I like beautiful things, but I like them comfortable”.   A room should say, ‘Come in and sit down,” says Phoenix for Veranda Magazine

www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections


www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections

David’s shows his attention to details with timeless furniture pieces and accessories. The collection is masculine with a modern/traditional appeal.  Just look at the details on the Carlton dining table……elegant with its extraordinary Macassar and ebonized marquetry border representative of Hickory Chair’s heritage of artistry and craftsmanship.  I love the walls painted in hunter green.  Living in the north, I find myself wishing for a dark cozy room in the winter, but I this furniture line works anywhere in the country.

Mark D. Sikes for Henredon

www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections

Mark’s love for blue and white continues with his collection for Henredon.  His crush for cobalt blue and velvet are mixed beautifully with chinoiserie furniture. Mark’s collection is classic and current.  His signature style is timeless American style with a California vibe that also incorporates his love for stripes.  It was worth the wait to meet him in person and view the furniture collection in the Henredon showroom.

www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections

www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections

www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections www.ivydeleon.com David Phoenix and Mark D. Sikes collections

The collection for Hickory Chair by David Phoenix speaks to my love for rich woods, masculine and cozy decor.  Mark D. Sikes collection for Henredon speaks to my love for easy California style.   Both collections are relaxing, although different in style.  I already have a few favorites pieces on my wish list.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ivy de Leon

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Design Jolt At High Point Market 2017

Sometimes you have to break the rules or should I say the norm.   Saturday morning, I was off to the airport to High Point Market.  I felt a little guilty leaving soon after my daughter’s junior prom the night before.  A little voice inside my head was screaming design.  With an invite from Robert Allen Fabric, Duralee and the fabulous gentlemen at Madcap Cottage, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

My day at High Point Market began by checking in at the media center and leaving my luggage for storage.  Stop one:  The Hickory Chair showroom to celebrate the launch of the debut collection of David Phoenix and the 30th Anniversary of Veranda.

Ivy de Leon - Veranda Magazine 30 years - High Point Market Hickory Chair - David Phoenix - Ivy de Leon Blog

Photos on the David Phoenix collection for Hickory Chair to come.

Stop two:  The home of Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke.  The dynamic team graciously invited guests into their home in celebration of their new fabric line and the merger of Duralee and Robert Allen Fabrics to form the Robert Allen Duralee Group (The RADGroup).

Ivy de Leon - High Point Market - Madcap Cottage - Robert Allen vy de Leon - High Point Market - Madcap Cottage - Robert Allen

Jason and John have made a home with exquisite fabrics, furniture and vintage pieces and antiques from their travels.   It was eye candy overload and I loved it!   How do they do it?

IMG_1993 IMG_1988

Jason and John have created a formula on mixing pattern that is both colorful, fun and elegant.  Recently, they have put their signature style inside the bed and breakfast Pandora’s Manor, a historic home built in 1905, which received a makeover by the design industry’s hottest talent.

Up at 5:00 a.m. and ready for day two at High Point Market, I hit the ground running.  I will be posting more photos and finds.  It was wonderful to see friends and be a part of the design community.  A fresh jolt of design is just what I needed to start a few projects.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ivy de Leon

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Power Monday: Enjoy the Journey

Hope everyone had a great Easter and Passover celebration.  We had a nice celebration at home, after returning from college visits.  I’ve missed posting on my blog these past few weeks.  It has been a transition period for me.  There have been a few changes both personally and professionally.  I believe that change is goods.  It’s the universe reminding me to learn new things, make new relationships and enjoy the journey.  Spring is in full bloom.  I’m excited and energized to be back on the blog.





WHAT TO WEAR: Ann Taylor Shirt Dress


WHAT TO READ: Ms. Chiquet was headhunted for Chanel in 2002. In January of 2016, Ms. Chiquet was abruptly fired from Chanel.   Chiquet inspires women in her new book Beyond the Label with a
new career plan and a new relationship.


Happy Power Monday!

Ivy de Leon

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Five Tablescapes With March Madness Appeal

veranda -Five Tablescapes With March Madness Appeal

veranda greenery - Five Tablescapes With March Madness Appeal


House Beautiful - Five Tablescapes With March Madness Appeal


march madness ivy de Leon - ivydeleon.com


Natural tabletop - ivy de Leon ivydeleon.com


tabletop - Ivy de Leon www.ivydeleon.com


While the guys are crazy for March madness basketball, I’m having fun with these 5 tablescapes that have March madness appeal.  Our dinner schedules at home have gotten crazy.  I’m looking forward to setting the table and getting everyone to sit down for a family meal.   Greenery is the Pantone color of the year.  These green tablescapes are speaking my language.  Kale, moss, baby tears and ferns never look so good.

There have been a few changes at home and my blogging schedule. Sorry for the radio silence.   My boys have moved back home while they find a new apartment in New York City.  The blog has been fun and I hope to take it in a different direction, by the end of the year.   The arrival of spring is just around the corner and with it comes new growth and opportunities.  I hope you continue to come back and visit the blog and follow on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ivy de Leon






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Friday Funday – Kate Schelter’s Apartment

Hooray!  We made it to Friday.  Yesterday, we got 11 inches of snow.  I was happy to have the hubby and my older son to help shovel.  It was not an easy task.  They did an amazing job.  Everyone is back to there normal schedule today so I thought I better get back to blogging.   Lately, I have  too much time on Instagram.

Kate Schelter's Apartment Domino Magazine ivydeleon.com

FABRIC (sofa) Les Touches in black, search.brunschwig.com OTTOMAN Du Long et Du Le, custom, johnderian.com RUG ASHBURY abchome.com PAPER FLOWERS assorted, shopthegreenvase.com

Then I found images of  Kate Schelter’s apartment for Domino Magazine

Schelter has worked as a street-style photographer, fashion stylist, brand consultant and designer for David Netto, Bonpoint, House of Lavande, Vogue, and Sleepy Jones. But these days, Schelter is best known for her evocative watercolor paintings, which capture glimpses of a stylish life— think handbags, shoes, vintage cars, and sidewalk cafés.  She had her first solo exhibition, curated by John Derian, and began the first of a series of graphic wall murals for her friend Jeff Klein’s landmark new hotel project, San Vicente Bungalows, in Los Angeles.
peonies by kate schelter - Domino Magazine ivydeleon.com

Schelter always paints her watercolors from life.

schelter bedroom - Kate Schelter's Apartment Domino Magazine ivydeleon.com

FABRIC (canopy and bedding) Ginger Coral, johnrobshaw.com WALL LIGHT Melampo,  ylighting.com

nursery Kate Schelter's Apartment Domino Magazine ivydeleon.com

Schelter painted a mural of geraniums (her favorite flower) along the shared wall of the master bedroom and nursery.

Schelter’s improvisational aesthetic informs every corner of the family’s loft, where she and her husband, Chris Schumacher, are raising their two-year-old daughter, Charlotte. Though there’s a unifying color palette (shades of pink, which Schelter uses like a neutral), the overall atmosphere is one of freewheeling ease.

Friday Funday Kate Schelter's apartment Domino Magazine

Pink you have my heart.  Kate Schelter’s apartment is current, classic and chic.   “We move things around like it’s a sport.” says Schelter.   Design is about having fun.

Happy Friday!

Ivy de Leon

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Power Monday: Is your desk making you unhealthy?

desk envy Miles Redd House Beautiful

Photo:  House Beautiful 

Happy Power Monday.   I love this chic office Miles Redd  designed for his mother.  Redd moved a  table that was too large from the dining room into the back of the house to an unused library to make the perfect office for his mom.  The office has Emerald-glazed walls and a garden view.  I love the skirted  table covered in  old-fashioned chintz.  Say nothing of the blue and white lamps with green emerald shades.    

If you have to sit and work at your desk, it should be beautiful, right?  Just remember to stand up and move around every few minutes.   I’ve been reading more about the health risk of sitting for a long period of time at a desk.  I  make an effort to stand up every 30 minutes.  There are a few standing desks on the market if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional desk.

daily inspiration ivydeleon.com

These are different times.  I found inspiration from  Julissa Arce author of  My (Underground) American Dream: My True Story as an Undocumented Immigrant Who Became a Wall Street Executive   Watch and listen on YouTube here.  

Stay desk healthy and inspired.   Power On!

Ivy de Leon

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Spring Design Crush

Spring will soon be here, I keep telling myself.  While spring is a few months away, now is the perfect time to take notice of  the design industry’s spring introductions.  My spring design crush list is growing.    Las Vegas Market is just finishing up.   NYNOW arrives in February and High Point Market follows in April. There will be many great finds along the way and new vendors to discover.  The best part, I get to meet old friends and share my finds with you.

french market collection - ivydeleon.com

French Market Collection

french market collection - Ivydeleon.com

French Market Collection – Sherie Brown Side Chair

ave home 2 - ivydeleon.com

AVE Home

Neoclassical-style desk and Camille Demilune  are part of AVE Home’s RAW collection, comes unfinished which allows for custom paint and stain selection for a personal touch to your home.

ave home collection ivydeleon.com


Spring market - design crush ivydeleon.com

Kravet – Jan Showers collection

Jan Showers Kravet collection - Ivydeleon.com

Follow me on Instagram @idhomedecor  for  daily inspiration and to see my finds. Thanks for stopping by.

Ivy de Leon

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When Country Meets Chic

Happy hump day.  Campbell and I started the day with a big pot of coffee. I enjoyed  a cup or two while we watched the fog and drizzle outside the window.  Country life is beautiful.  It is a simple life where things slow down.

I love living in the country, but then the city girl in me wants to go chic.  While I’m organizing and cleaning out my closet, I want to find my inner chic in the country.

country meets chic fashion ivydeleon.com

 Gardening and fashion now you have my attention. via

country meets chic fashion ivydeleon.com

If I ran through the fields with an umbrella in hand, in a designer gown, my neighbors might think I have gone crazy.  It’s great to escape in the editorial pages.

country meets chic fashion ivydeleon.com

Now what should I wear?

via one /two

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Six Pieces Every Bedroom Needs and Two Things It Doesn’t

If there is one thing we all need more of this year is sleep.   Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems and is a public safety issue. I personally have never had a problem with sleep.  In fact, I take my sleep seriously and so should you.  Making small changes in the bedroom is a great start.  It has been suggested that the bedroom should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.  Besides the obvious bed, nightstand, pillows and sheets, there are 6  pieces every bedroom needs to bring calm and balance.


  1.  A comfortable mattress is key.
  2. Layer windows with shades and curtains.  Consider lining your curtains for your lifestyle (blackout liners and thermal liners).bedroom-essentials
  3. Reduce noise and keep floors warm in the bedroom with area rugs.
  4.  Use task lighting and overhead lighting.daughters-bedroom
  5. Select art that is calming.
  6. Create balance and comfort with a upholstered chair in the bedroom.
  7. Leave the TV in the family room in order to quiet the mind before going to bed.
  8. Return laptops and phones to office area.  The bedroom is for sleeping.

Consider using these six pieces every bedroom needs and two things it doesn’t for your next bedroom update. I am sure it will bring calm and balance for a restful sleep.


Image Credit:  Ivelisse de Leon, Kathy Kincade /House Beautiful

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Weekend Flowers

IMG_3013 (2)

Flowers are good for the soul.  Flowers help me get through the winter months.   A bunch of peonies gives my  living room a pop of color.  How do you get through the winter months?

Ivy de Leon

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