Three Renter Friendly Removable Wallpaper Paper Projects

Removable Peel & Stick Wallpaper is now more beautiful.  These three projects are sure to get you inspired.


Framed sections of wallpaper are a great idea that is cost saving and movable when it’s time to find another apartment.


Because some times you want just a little wallpaper, decorate a small section of a closet to give it some wow factor.  Diana Elizabeth’s  tiny closet reveal is efficient and stylish.

wallpaper spoon flower


Below are some favorite sources to help you get started.

Tempaper Designs   / Walls Need Love / Chasing Paper /  Target / Spoon Flower


Thanks for stopping. Ivy de Leon


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The Romance of the Country

Happy Monday.

The Hudson Valley is beautiful! I love the romance of living in the country. Crisp air, apples orchards, pumpkin fields and corn maze are everywhere.


Enjoying walks on the Appalachian trail with my husband… hand in hand.


Photo: Ivy de Leon

I’m loving the chunky sweaters, plaids and layers ……… flower prints, lace and tweed…so romantic   …. The extra long coat, yes please.


 Photo by Tomás de la Fuente, the model poses outdoors in the fall collections

Now, more than ever,  take good care of myself.

creativity qoute2

It could be as simple as a cup of tea …. getting a manicure instead of gardening more.


Rodney Smith Photography


Photo: Ivy de Leon

country romance

Or just stopping to look at the birds and listen to the wind.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ivy de Leon

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Making Memories At Home

Hello October!


Fall arrived with a few changes at home.  We sent our youngest off to college.  Thankful for the pups keeping me company.


My sons are spending more time at home and we are enjoying fresh cider and warm donuts ….  the farm is a 20 minute walk from home.

fall outdoors apple cider

Next month, it will be three years we closed on the house.  We are enjoying the house  making memories at home and taking on a few projects.   The blog posts have been few as I have not been feeling well, but happy to be back on the mend.

Here is a look back to our family Halloween table.


              Bow Tie Pasta and Shrimp


Are you getting in the Halloween Spirit?

Thanks for stopping by!

Ivy de Leon

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Summer Refresh: Do Better

beauty counter

Happy Monday!

Last week was busy and the weekend was crazy.  A walk in nature is always refreshing for me.  I really need to revamp my fitness routine ….. okay I don’t really have one, do you?

A few miles of hiking …. it felt like a few miles….. but really it was 1,600 steps.   My legs are tired today, but it feels good……Hours outdoor  made my skin feel dirty and dull, too.  A long shower and products from my favorite skin and makeup line Beauty Counter had me refreshed and glowing ……. ready for a new week.


Kicking of the week with a five minute face routine…beauty products that are “clean” and “safe. “



What’s your makeup morning routine?  Is your makeup safe?  Find out more here.

Thanks for stopping by.

This post contains affiliate links.


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Summer Stripes: All American Style

Summer is in full swing and the living is easy.  Summer blue and white…. stripes…. are always in style.

Ralph Lauren Home

Baroque wall mirror

Ralph Lauren Home makes the mix look effortless.

A mix of elegance, yet simple and oh so chic.table lamp

ralph lauren stripes


 American style….simple… comfortable.  We all love blue and white, right?

Like the look too? … find more on my store front here.  

Images: 1/4

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Monday Motivation: You Are Enough

Happy Monday!


Monday motivation…. reminder….you are enough!  All the little parts make us unique.

Quotes about Happiness : Affiches / Affiches de citations

34737670_227815534615171_6602775141082464256_n  Get up and do what you do, learn, grow, share and happiness will follow.

Flot plakat med tekst

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Rise Then Shine: Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

It has been a while since my last post.  At first it was just that I was feeling uninspired, then family matters took over and then I was sick.  Happy to report that I’m now feeling better and happy to be doing what I love.  Each day I rise and shine is a blessing.

boots and flowers

Staying in touch on Instagram all the while, so I hope you are following.  What is inspiring me today?  The white kitchen I dreamed about is finally my reality.  We gave our kitchen a face-lift: paint, new subway tile backsplash, countertops.  I love it!  I have a few more details to finish so stay tune for more.


Are you excited as I am that is finally summer?  I’m thrilled to be home enjoying the pool and my family.


It feels good to be back on the blog. Missed you.  Hope you are having a fun and safe summer!

Thanks for stopping by.

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flower crush

Listen to: Her Money – Podcast with Jean Chatzky

Ep 92: What’s The Worst That Could Happen? We Ask Sharon Epperson

Thanks for coming by.

Ivy de Leon

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Disco Ball Fun In Interior Design


Katie Ridder

What am I crazy about this week?  This week I’m crazy for disco balls in interior design.  Honestly, I have been wanting a disco ball for a while.  Disco balls bring an element of fun into a room instantly.  Why be so serious?  It’s more than okay to be you!  I fell in love with the Metcalfe’s  Manor,  the country home of Brooke Metcalfe and Julian Metcalfe.


Architectural Digest Magazine – Photography by Ricardo Labougle and Styled by Carolina Irving

disco ball

The Manhattan West Village home of Jos and Annabel White features a disco ball in the bathroom.  I like the tall ceilings in the renovated three-story townhouse and the tone on tone decor.


HouseandGarden UK -1

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo via House and Garden Magazine UK


What decor element are you holding back on?   For me, it’s the disco ball.  Finally, I feel I found the right spot for it in my home.   I hope I inspired you to embrace what you love and incorporate it into your design.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Inspired by the New England Patriots Super Bowl 52

I may be the only one not eating wings and drinking beer during Super Bowl 52 at home. Truth be told, I watch very little football …. even the Super Bowl. Call me crazy, but I find it hard to watch the tackling. Contact sports are hard for me to watch. The Super Bowl inspires me in other ways like sharing spaces inspired by the New England Patriots team who are playing tonight against the Philidelphia Eagles.

Let’s tour a restored New England historic home in Cape Cod.

The Amos Otis House, a center-chimney cape, has stood alongside Route 6A—Cape Cod’s Old King’s Highway—in Barnstable since 1745.  By the time Robert Bagshaw and David Lancaster discovered it for sale, however, the old place had seen far better days. Wildlife had moved in, and nature was taking over the property. “It was so overgrown you couldn’t see it from the street,” Bagshaw says.


“The best part of the main area is the reclaimed timber frame,” says Hostetter. “It really makes a dramatic impression and gives some character to the newer part of the house so it ties into the older portion out front.”

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with old beams.  They are beautiful.  I hope to add a  few somewhere in our Cape Cod home if the hubby agrees.

new england 7

Windsor chairs, yes, please!

Beams from an eighteenth-century New Hampshire barn frame the view from the living room to the backyard.


Builder Adam Hostetter, Hostetter Home/ Photos: Nat Rea

With a look back at the project’s ramshackle beginnings as well as another salute to their porcine neighbors, the couple dubbed the house Sow’s Ear. “It was a bigger project than anticipated, and it took on a life of its own,” Bagshaw says, “But we just jumped in with both feet and moved forward.”

new england 5

new england 3


The kids’ room is decorated in red, white, and blue and featuring a pair of rope-hung beds. Vintage pieces add warmth and history.

I appreciate the homeowners who are able to emotionally and financially save historic homes.  See more of this beautiful historic home at New England Home.   The half-time show is almost here.  Enjoy your night!

Thanks for stopping by.

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