One Room Challenge: Week Two Office Makeover

OB-week 2 ORC

The One Room Challenge is booming with great designs.  I’m having fun reading new blogs. Week two has arrived sooner than I hoped.  This week I started a few small projects.  If you followed me on Instagram you saw this great vintage frame I had made into a chalkboard for about $68, frame included.

One Room Challenge Ivy de Leon Office Makeover

Many of the picture frames I have are still wrapped from the move.  I was sad to find the rice paper heron glass frame broken.  A quick trip to my  local glass shop  and it was repaired. The new glass was cut and inserted in the frame the same day.

IMG_1816 (1)

I fell in love with the pink Lilly Pulitzer fabric Nick Olsen used in the Lee Jofa showroom a few years ago.  I hope to use it in the office.

orcIf I had a bigger budget, I would love to wrap my walls in Gracie Studio wallpaper. The reality is, good design takes time.   My One Room Challenge office project will include a mix of  new furniture, DIY projects, and vintage furniture and accessories.  I want the office to be traditional with touch of glamour and a sprinkle of modern.  One Kings Lane is a great site to find a good mix of styles and vintage items.  I found a few inspiration pieces and put them up on Olioboard.   HomeGoods is also valuable home decorating source for brand names at a fraction of the original price.  Have to run, so much to do. Let’s stay connected on Instagram @idhomedecor.

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