Mr. & Mrs. – Our First Home

Wedding season is here.  It is an exciting time for the couple and their family and friends.  Marriage is all about give and take.  When it comes to decorating their first home, couples have a difficult time.  Combining taste in style should not be stressful.    Follow these simple tips when decorating your first home together.

1.  Bring into your home what you love.  Donate items  you no longer need.

2.  Mix it up.  Invest in antique furniture pieces that you can build on, not disposable furniture.  I’ve owned the same sofa for 18 years.  It has lived in three homes,  reupholstered once and still looks fabulous.

3.  Follow the 30/30/40 rule to decorate your home.  30% hers, 30% his, 40% ours.   Your first place should be a reflection of you both.  Make decisions on new purchases together balancing feminine and masculine décor.   If he wants that old leather chair, offer him a new leather chair with good bones in his favorite brown leather.

4.  Hire a professional to help you implement your design. A good designer saves you time and money.   Integrating balance, proportion, light, color, and texture to your room  is important to creating a space that feels good.   A designer will also introduce you to  “trade only” quality products.  Your project will be complete and your marriage will be healthier for it.



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