Ivy’s Kitchen: Summer Salad

Summer salads are easy to put together and delicious.  These three salads are a few of my favorite to prepare at home.  Hope you enjoy them.

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Spring mix salad, grilled shrimp, candied walnuts, and apples. Marinade for shrimps: olive oil, parsley, crush garlic.  Brush shrimps with marinade and grill shrimps until opaque and firm about 8 minutes. Wash and rise spring salad mix.  Candied walnuts are available in the salad isle at the grocery store. Cut thin slices of granny smith apples.  Assemble salad with other ingredients and serve.   Use your favorite light dressing.

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All the ingredients are easy to identify in this lobster cobb salad with blue cheese.  For easy preparation at home, buy a freshly cooked lobster.  There are a few stores that let you choose your lobster and cook it while you finish shopping.  Create your own delicious version of a cobb salad.

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Grill teriyaki swordfish on a bed of spring mix salad, cherry tomatoes and avocadoes.  Marinade one inch  swordfish steaks for 10 minutes.  Use your favorite teriyaki marinade. Preheat grill to medium-high. Place fish on grill. Grill fish 8 minutes or until cooked to your liking and serve over salad, cherry tomatoes and avocadoes.

Happy Cooking!




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