Five Dorm Essentials

I drove my  two sons to college recently.  Making them feel comfortable in their dorm is important for a successful school year. Besides dorm basics, here are five dorm essentials my sons can’t live without.

1.  Honeywell fan: A cool breeze can make all the difference if your dorm has no air conditioner. Found some on sale at Target.


 2.  Bean bag chairs:  Seating is all about comfort.  Beanbags are practical and stylish for a college dorm: comfortable and easy to move from dorm to common lounge area for TV watching and socializing. Found a couple of patterns from that my sons would love.


3.  Keurig Single Shot:  Make them feel right at home with a Keurig single shot with a wide selection of drinks: chi, tea, hot cider, hot chocolate, and coffee. Found this one on sale on



4.  Sleep mask: After a long night of studying, they’ll need some sleep.  A sleep mask comes in handy with a roommate. Found this one on Etsy!


5.  Hand Steamer:  My sons love clothes and looking good.  A hand steamer is easy to use.  It keeps their designer clothes neat and wrinkle free.


These five dorm essentials will make dorm life more comfortable.  Wishing all your sons and daughters a successful year!

Bean Bag Boss, sleep mask, fan, Keurig, steamer

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