Celebrate Life’s Moments With Caspari

The kitchen is the heart of our home.  There is always a lot of eating and cooking going on at home.  When the five of us get together, I sometimes get tired of loading the dishwasher and washing dishes.  I love having family moments and sharing meals.  Cleaning up, not so much.


I found myself using Caspari a little more often last month while we unpacked the kitchen boxes.  I had forgotten just how effortless it is to transform an ordinary meal into a celebration using  Caspari plates, napkins and accessories .  The kids took notice and appreciated the patterns and colors. We enjoyed a little more time together instead of cleaning up.



I honestly could use these for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The plates are durable.  With so many beautiful patterns to choose from, I can’t wait to pick up a few more to celebrate life’s moments in style with a little help from Caspari.


IMG_1108 (3)

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