Time for Power Monday Women In Business

Happy Monday!  Starting each day with a positive image or quote helps me get through the week.  I really enjoy the Power Monday post for women in business.  Tory Burch has been an inspiration for me.  I saw here speak at my son’s college graduation at Babson College. Tory has been helping women in business with the Tory Burch Foundation and educational program in partnership with Goldman Sachs 10,0000 small business and Babson College.

time inspirational quote ivydeleon.com

If you are a women in business or stay-at-home mom, time can get away from us.  Someone will fill up your time if you don’t make yourself a priority.  This is a message my mother routinely shared with me.    The message hit home again more recently when First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey sat down  at The United State of Women Summit, co-sponsored by the Tory Burch Foundation.   They sat down and shared their insight on careers, motherhood, gender equity and how we can advance a better future for women everywhere.

Here is what they had to say…

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Ivy de Leon

via: Fit Possible/ Tory Burch 


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Drummonds Bathrooms To Inspire Weekend Relaxation

Drummonds recently opened a flagship showroom in New York City called Drummonds at Lapicida which resides within the Lapicida showroom in the D&D building on 3rd Avenue and 59th Street. The showroom has fully designed vignettes of almost all of Drummonds product offerings.  Drummonds offers classic bathroom products.  Drummonds’ baths are made from solid cast iron using the time-honored sandcasting technique first used by the finest Victorian foundries.   Quality bathroom details bring luxury spa feel at home.

bathroom luxe

Two Humber baths and freestanding towel rails

I’m crushing on the Humber bath and free standing towel rail.  A  country estate are what dreams are made of.    What do you think of this country bathroom?  Paneling on the walls, instead of marble tiles, and wallpaper with a country scene bring the outside in.

european retreat

A personal space to relax and enjoy.  Just as beautiful is the Usk roll top bath, the centerpiece to this elegant bathroom. The cast iron of the bath has been polished to give it an eye-catching shine that reflects the light and elegantly pairs with the nickel Skye taps, Double Lowther basin stand, rectangular tilt mirrors and floor-to-wall heated towel rail.

Drummonds makes it possible to bring luxury details into your home. Which of these luxury bathroom detail would you include for a weekend relaxation retreat at home?

Ivy de Leon

Description and images via  Drummonds


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Fall Essentials For The Home

fall 2016 ivydeleon,com

Hello again!  The past few days I  was out shopping, styling and making fall flower arrangements.  Fall arrives early when you are a blogger.  Let me take you on a little tour of what I’ve been styling in our home.    Come say hello on the HomeGoods blog.  There you’ll find my five fall essentials for the home.


I think Campbell likes the new look in the living room. Let me know what you think?  Have you started fall decorating? Where are you finding inspiration for your upcoming projects?  Share your comments below.

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Ivy de Leon

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Four Pinterest Pins To Inspire The Weekend


What are you doing this weekend?  While the kids are heading to the beach, it’s easy to stay home and catch up on cleaning and laundry.   Let’s enjoy the next few weeks of summer.  I’m taking day trips to a few of my favorite towns: Cold Spring, NY and Beacon, NY.   Now that we have a pool, I’m finally going sit by the pool with a good book and catch some rays.  Some juicy, cold watermelon sounds just right on a warm afternoon.


Come dusk, I plan to head outdoors with a picnic basket and catch a concert on the lawn.


Or perhaps, stay home and  share a bottle of wine and try a new recipe  from my Pinterest  board: Recipes I’m Willing To Try


Gotta go!  However you decide to spend the weekend, be good to yourself and others. Have a fun and relaxing weekend friends!

Ivy de Leon

 source:  The Huffington Post Treasures and Travel  Margo and Me
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First Apartment Hunting & Decorating Ideas For Him

Autumn is almost here. While most of you are preparing to send your children back to school or college, I am finding it hard to believe I have two grown young man at home who have graduated college and are ready to move out on their own.  Feels like just yesterday I was dropping them off at preschool.   Let me tell you, apartment hunting is not easy in NYC. Of course, there is the rental application, but what I wasn’t prepare for was the co-signing and paperwork involved. Unless, you have a rich uncle or deep pockets, forget renting alone.

Barclay sofa, Pollard Rectanglar Cocktail Table Glass Top and Metal Base, Leo Chair

Barclay sofa, Pollard Rectanglar Cocktail Table Glass Top and Metal Base, Leo Chair Bernhardt Furniture

Most young men and women have two or three roommates. What may be a two bedroom apartment is partition into a three bedroom.  If  they are lucky to have a comfortable living room, I hope to help them take it from dorm room furniture to semi-sophisticated living space for all to share.


I am gathering a few ideas for the boys to think about when it comes to furniture selection.  The eclectic mixture of  rich textures and vintage influence from Ralph Lauren Home Hoxton Collection is masculine, stylish and lofty.


 Let’s face it, boys like their leather.  You know I love pretty interiors, but I have an equal major crush for masculine decorating.

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Ivy de Leon

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Home Decor Cheat Sheets Book Review

ivy deleon home decor cheat sheets

Home Decor Cheat Sheets
Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living
By Jessica Probus and Alice Mongkongllite


Are you looking to work on a room in your house and don’t know where to start?  Maybe you know exactly the look you want to achieve but need  help with design principals?   I want to share a book to help you simplify the decorating process.  Home Decor Cheat Sheets will give the Do-It-Yourself decorator the confidence with design principals to help decorate your home.


The 127 page book is full of dos and the don’ts of design rules. The hand-drawn illustrations are simple and the text is short and to the point.   You’ll learn the ideal height of a side table,  the correct size of a dining room rug, bathroom lighting tricks and much more.

sofa styles1

sofa styles 2

If you are a Do-It-Yourself decorator Home Decor Cheat Sheets offers value with over 300 illustrations, available here.   Why am I sharing Home Decor Cheat Sheets?  I believe everyone should have a functional and beautiful home.

Hiring a decorator?  You too could benefit from Home Decor Cheat Sheets.   It will help you communicate with your designer and give you a better understanding and appreciation for the interior design profession.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you’ll come back for more decorating, entertaining, makeovers, gardening, party & inspiration.

Ivy de Leon

Images: Courtesy of  Ulysses Press

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Power Monday: Desk Envy, Inspiration and Lifestyle

desk space

Ivy de Leon design and life style

Ivy de Leon Decorating & Life Style

ivy de Leon decorating and life style trench coat

Hello again!  Celebrating the small victories.  Our site had a small hiccup this morning, but now it’s back up and running.  I couldn’t be happier to get back to blogging.  Starting to think layers for autumn?  Tory Burch’s Gigi flats caught my eye.  They come in the most amazing colors. A favorite, the trench coat is classic and could be easily dressed down for the weekend.  Come Monday, I have a beautiful home office to walk into.  If you are looking for interior decorating ideas for your home office, One Kings Lane has a wide selection of desk styles to refresh your work space.   If you are working with what you have, remember simple styling could make a big difference.  Sending you good vibes only.  Thanks for stopping by.

Ivy de Leon


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Lessons From The Garden: What My Wisteria Shrub Taught Me


Good morning all! August is here! Can you believe it. Where did July go? It has been very hot here until last week when we had cooler temps.   I started attending to the flower beds. Wisteria was growing out of control.  Some weeds were as tall as flowers.  What started out as a few minutes of weeding quickly became two days. I immediately got sick with a summer cold which took me out for another three days. Before I knew, the week had gone by with no blog post and little done at home.  Come Autumn I looking forward to decorating another room in the house with a few more furniture pieces and lighting.


There are small lessons in ordinary days. The Wisteria shrub was growing at a few inches a day it seemed. I passed by it a several times a day. I really didn’t want to deal with it. I wanted to delay cutting it back because I was wishing it would produce flowers. What I learned, if it’s not producing results, cut it back. The Wisteria shrub looks healthy again and cutting it back was exactly what it needed. Wisteria plants can take 5 to 15 years to produce flowers. Life lessons come when we least expect, but need it most.

As I enjoy the last few weeks of summer and return to regular schedules and routines, it is worth evaluating what’s not working and what needs to be done to get results and  who will stick by to support and encourage set goals.   Gardening is good for the soul, but  like anything else, too much too soon has its drawbacks.

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Ivy de Leon

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Three Pendant Styles To Wow Guest In The Kitchen


Regina Andrews Large Globe Pendants

Designing my dream kitchen is going to take dollars and time.  I’m crushing on gray cabinets.  Our kitchen has too much brown going on with the stain cherry shaker cabinets.  When a major overhaul of the kitchen is not in  the near future, small changes such as changing the kitchen lighting make a big impact.   I’m sourcing for pendant lighting for over the kitchen island to jazz things up. The lighting needs to fit the Cape Cod style of the house.  Although, we live in the country, there is nothing rustic about our kitchen.  The kitchen has a more formal feeling.  Let the search for kitchen pendant lighting begin.   The lighting being offered today is gorgeous. There are many finishes, sizes, and price points.  These three pendant  styles are sure to wow family and guest.

kitchen lighting OB

Goodman Hanging Lamps by Thomas O’Brien

pendant lighting

Darlana Lanterns Earl F. (Sandy) Chapman for Visual Comfort

Darlana lantern

Do you have a favorite?

Ivy de Leon

Via Decor Pad

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Make It A Positive Monday

Monday flowers pink and white ivydeleon.com


stay positive quotes that inspire ivydeleon.com

what to wear pinstripe dress ivydeleon.com

Happy Monday friends! New day, new week, stay positive!

What to Wear:  With summer weather expected to be hot, a dress is my first choice to get ready for the work week.  One piece to pick up and go.  I’m crushing on the belted pinstripe cotton dress from Nordstrom.

What to Read:   The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love,  Frank, Robert H. “The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love,  New York Times, July 24, 2016, on page BU6 of the New York edition.  A great article for college graduates starting out and those of us starting second and third careers.  It’s never to late to start doing what you love.

Ivy de Leon

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